• £20 per bike for pre event service

  • £5 per person on riding days for support on all mechanicals, all bikes checked at the end of each day ready for the morning, any parts during the tour will be at discounted rates and fitted for free

  • Any major mechanicals and parts needed can be ordered and sent ahead to following destinations

  • Inner tubes - £3 each

  • Inner and outer gear or brake cables - £5

  • Chains 9 spd - £15, 10 spd - £18, 11 spd - £20

  • Brake pads - £6

  • Disc brake pads - £15

If all bikes have been serviced recently prior to the event it is unlikely you will need new brake pads, cables, bottom brackets, headsets. Please make sure the drive chain has been checked i.e chain isn’t stretched, chain rings and cassette are in good condition or you might find a combination of the three may need changing during the event considering there are a fair few miles to complete.

I wont be travelling further than Snowden due to work commitments but I will pass on key tools, work stand, parts etc. for the final few days.

As part of the event all entrants including family pre and post event will be offered 10% off all new bikes, components and accessories with a further 5% going to the Peaky Minders fund.

Looking forward to meeting you all,

13 Church Street, Ruddington, NG11 6HA

0115 9215065




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